About Ariano & Associates’s DUI Practice

At Ariano & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing high quality and affordable legal representation. During your case, you will not be passed off to support staff. Instead our attorneys will personally handle your case and will always be a phone-call away. If you email us, or we miss your call, we’ll always get back to you within 24 hours.

Unlike large firms that have high overhead, our firm is not concerned with getting as many clients as possible to make a profit after expenses. Our mission is to provide the quality of more expensive firms, while taking the time that big firms can’t to establish and maintain lasting personal and business relationships with our clients. We also aim to create a workable and friendly office environment.

Of course, your legal matter and desired outcome is of foremost importance to us. Therefore, if your situation involves important legal issues beyond a DUI or other criminal-law charge, you can be sure that we will recommend ourselves to handle your case only if we know we are well-equipped to get the best results for you.

Regarding your DUI situation, we will take the time to listen to your questions and concerns, and to make sure we have a thorough understanding of what happened. Then we can explain each step of the process and tell you our recommendations of what options to take, and why we recommend those options. In general, the goal is to find any way possible so you can avoid jail time, fines or damage to your record.

Much of this can be accomplished during a free consultation before you decide what law firm you will choose. If needed, we can also tell you how to request a delay to give you time to choose the right law firm, or to obtain the papers you need, such as your police report, to be able to most effectively discuss your case with a lawyer.

Call for your free consultation as soon as you can. Don’t delay unnecessarily, because DUI cases have deadlines that can seriously affect your options.

If you choose Ariano & Associates, your attorney will personally delve into your case, interview officers and witnesses as needed, review every detail, prepare motions that can help your case, and anything else required to get the best result. We do all this well before representing you for important court appearances, and for as long as your case requires. And whether you call us often or not, we take the initiative to keep you informed all along the way.

We also recognize that issues of legal concern are often unplanned. As such, the Tucson DUI attorneys at Ariano & Associates are available most nights and weekends. A qualified attorney is always just a phone call away.