Tucson DUI Lawyers Explain Crowdsourcing to Solve Crimes

Tucson DUI Lawyers Explain Crowdsourcing to Solve CrimesAfter the Boston bombing a suspect was identified on a social media site called Reddit.com and on several others.  The suspect had been selected based upon pictures and videos of the event.  However, the individual identified by these sites was wrongly accused.  In fact, he was a missing student.  But, this didn’t stop a tidal wave of negative attention to be directed towards the student.

The use of the internet to solve crimes and gather information is called “crowdsourcing.”  This experience has raised an interesting conversation in society on the nature of the internet as a criminal defense tool.

Crowdsourcing allows anyone with a desire to help to provide their insights.  Biologists, lawyers, and computer experts can join forces to find new data. However, for every expert, there are trolls, conspiracy theorists, and fear mongers.  Errors and misguided jokes or sarcasm can be misinterpreted to cause trouble.

These social media sites have been used as a criminal investigation tool before.  On the small level the websites can direct people to the appropriate law enforcement or help identify a thief.  On the larger scale they can unravel documents that demonstrate wrongdoing that could help bring criminals to justice.  For more information on crowdsourcing it’s important to consult an experienced DUI lawyer in Tucson.

In the aftermath of Boston, many people were understandably adamant about finding the wrongdoers.  People were able to combine knowledge and experience to find possible suspects and evidence.  However, the problem came when people came to conclusions.  Unlike law enforcement, the interest users held instant power.  Assumptions and unverified data were disseminated instantly across the internet.

The owners and founders of the social media sites were quick to indicate their disfavor for how the situation was handled.  Hopefully, the experience will establish an internet standard of peer review to more effectively focus the efforts to reduce the chances of inappropriate accusations.  The Tucson DUI lawyers at Ariano & Associates are available around the clock to answer your questions.